The Perfect Coffee

Running your own business has it demands, but it also has it's perks; one being the freedom to leave the office - (the guesthouse), and grab ourselves some fresh air and a coffee.

It is the one luxury we allow ourselves, to ensure we get out of the guesthouse each afternoon, for a stroll with the dogs, a trip to the shops, or just a simple coffee.

Exeter hosts an array of coffee shops in the High Street, the off lanes, at the Art Centre, or our favourite - down on the river. You will often catch us in one of two places: the Mill on the Exe, or the Double Locks.

The greenery of the fields and the sound of the flow of the River makes for a calming 'time-out'. It also offers opportunity to converse with the friendly locals out basking in the sun, walking their dogs or just spending quality time with friends and family.

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